Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Tittikaka's Snappy Pancakes on Facebook

Yes yes, I have finnaly done it. I have created a new Facebook page, called Tittikaka's Snappy Pancakes. What the hell does Snappy Pancakes even mean? I have no idea. It could be because it sounds awesome to me when I say it. It just rolls of the toungue.... Snnnnapppy Pancakes. To me it means "Inherently Awesome" because who on this planet does not like their pancakes to arrive as quick as possible. "OK stop trying to make Snappy Pancakes happen Richard! It's never gonna happen...."

The page will feature old stuff, new stuff, whatever really. Expect the unexpected. Expect the expected. There will be random stuff, not articulate to put on this blog, but also my most proud pieces along for the ride.

Now lets get Snappy......

Go onward into SNAPPY PANCAKES

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