Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Ouija.... Are You Game?

(Yes I know I ripped the slogan from the 1995 movie Jumanji, sue me...)

Yes the fascinating, and notorious Ouija Board. Introduced in the 1800s, and now marketed by Hasbro, and surprisingly is probably not the scariest thing they have marketed. It has been the fascination to occultists such as the notorious Aleister Crowley and weirdos like Bill Wilson (the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous). The name derives from both the French oui and German ja for 'yes'. Made famous in the paranormal obsessed Victorian era as well as the movie The Exorcist, where Linda Blair uses the board as a child to become possessed by the demon Pazuzu (whose name just makes me laugh out loud rather then quiver in fear). I have only tried it once, when I was around the age of 14, and to my disappointment, I did not meet Pazuzu, or any other demon. However it was a strange experience non the less, one I won't be repeating any time soon, but hey that's a story for another day...
Two variations on the Ouija board. Feel free to ask for a high quality print, (or dare I say rip them from my website - GO PIRACY!!) and use them for your own shamanistic pleasures. Just put them under some glass or perspex and grab a planchette. But, don't blame me if you start speaking in tongues and puking up blood though....

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