Monday, 25 March 2013

The Multicultural City

This cityscape was commissioned by my parents (Woop! Woop! for parents supporting their struggling artist!). They wanted a city that would incorporate some styles and themes from their countries of origin. The results were a merge of Celtic, Germanic and Slavic architectural styles.

My mother, being Welsh, wanted certain parts of her homeland. These include the castle seen at the top left, which is based on Ogmore Castle, in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales, as well as the industrial city of Port Talbot, where my grandma lives, seen in the valley behind the windmill.

The windmill itself is called De Ster (the Star), and can be found residing in Lombok, Utrecht, the place I was living while this drawing was conceived. This also explains the reason why there are several Amsterdam style row houses.

There were also other elements she wanted me to put in, like the Georgian terraced houses seen below the castle, which I am told is her favourite style of architecture.
I also included some London style buildings, as well as those ugly 'mock tudor' (otherwise known as 21 Century Tudor Revival)  terriced houses seen everywhere throughout the United Kingdom.

For my father I put in The Church of our Lady Before Týn, which is probably the most famous building in the Czech Republic, and can be found in Prague (where his mother came from).

The only thing missing would be the Greek-Cypriot style buildings, from where his father came from, but I felt they would possibly look way to out of place. That, and I had more or less finished the drawing before I realized d'oh.

And so concludes some boring blah blah. Hope y'all enjoyed it.

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