Thursday, 24 January 2013

Tittikaka Is Back

Hey internet. How are you? Yes I know I'm one Lazy SOB, hoping that would change.

I know it's been awhile since my last entry into this blog. It stopped silent last Christmas, and have been meaning for a re-boot, however, I just kept putting it off.

On a rather sad note, one of my most dearly loved friends, George Refsum, died in June. This has affected my life and creativity somewhat drastically. I am still thinking of him often, and I will never forget him. I drew this for his family, and in his honour, it was the very least i could do.

Despite this terrible news,  I did meet the love of my life around the same time, so it's been a summer of reflection with many moments of pure bliss and not just agony.

 From the Dutch to the Deutsch

I waved goodbye to Utrecht, the Netherlands, due to occupational
complication and have since moved onward to Mannheim, Germany in pursuit of new projects. It is the street art capital of Germany, so I have been told. It's very industrial here with factories and too many cars, and lots of really cool graffiti everywhere, giving the city a real 'London' vibe. Oh and I live next to this autobahn, oh the joy.

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