Thursday, 19 August 2010

T-shirt designs, defined by the Idea of Celebrity

Reggie's T-shirts should be out within a few months hopefully, so spread the word!
This product is mainly to be sold through network sharing!
Thats right its for all you people on BookFace and SpaceMy!
So, if alot of you like the designs and want to walk around with them on your torso, I could earn some sort of living, and finally buy more things I need to create more awesome art for you all...
You see its a Win-win for everybody involved.
Except maybe famous people themselves: the theme is an amused look into the world of the celebrity!
We had a tight flexible brief with tight colour pallet. 5 of us 'fellow chosen designers' worked intensively for a week producing various designs and most were not used.

Here are just a few. I have posted the first two images in the colours I would have personally chosen. I think the last image is © Reggie as it was the chosen one.

The life of a Celebrity

Apirations of Greatness

Britain's Got Talent it seems.

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