Friday, 15 January 2010

Tittikaka is Writing a Children's Book.......for Adults of Course!

I'm busy at work on my latest big self made project for my final year at college.

Can you guess what its all about?

Here are some TEASERS...

This book takes you on a 'Psychedelic Journey"
Through the drug alphabet
In a style that echoes A.A. Milne and Dr. Seuss:

from Acid to Zolpidem,

Learn as much about these substances as your little young minds can handle.

for adult children of all ages

Side effects include: Confusion , Sedation and Intense Junky-fits of Laughter...


  1. i cant fucking wait for this. i love the rhyme too, but feel the type would look better hand drawn - or at least any font but that - but i guess thats a fucking mission hey?

  2. Thanks Bazoo :)
    and the type? well that specific one is not going to be used actually

    i chose the font (Ariel) especially because its used in alot of cheesy kids books because its easy for kids to read and simple to understand, though i might experiment more and change it who knows

    and its not gonna be so 'WACKEY" this was just made on photoshop,
    im doing the real layout on InDesign which does make it look a whole lot diferent

  3. Haha! I remember you telling me about making this book on the tube, and i never got to see the final piece! It looks so fun, disturbing in a sweet naive way! You could pitch it to some independent book shop you know... Great stuff.