Friday, 4 September 2009

A little while back I entered for this competition...

'Beck's Music Inspired Art - The 100 Cover Project'

" this is music inspired art, not a challenge to see who could best remake the original cover!"!
RecordedDecember 1971
GenreKrautrock, Electronic music,

NEU! was the one of the first psychedelic rock bands. using machine made noises and effects into producing music for altered states...using textured sounds and vibrations with mild melodies and minimal lyrics.

Not necessarily drug music, but music best appreciated with drugs. Not just drugs but Psychedelic drugs, perhaps one of the coolest things in history to have influenced art and music, for the way in which it makes us experience our colourful, mysterious universe.

Music to entrance and look inwards, but not trance music. Music you get lost in, distinguishing the many layers of sound, yet is not invasive and does not battle for your attention. for dreaming and flying through space, or getting lost in the endless oceans of fractal swirls
...innovative simple experimental music

I thought the original album covers simplicity let down the subtle complexity of the music NEU! were producing.

I wanted to illustrate the music as an endless hypnotic flow, engulfing yet gentle.
The buildings represent human consciousness desolate in the seas of time, only poking through the surface, forever lost in time and space.

The image was impulsive, and grew on its own, which i think was influenced by what i was listening to. For a while it was a desert, and I tried to colour it sandy shades,but it felt happier as an ocean, which express the ambient flow of some of the bands tracks better.

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